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View our inventory of quality luxurious limousines.

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Big and Bold - View our inventory of SUV Limousines.


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Limo For Sale - Specialists in Custom Limousine Building


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American Limousine Sales proudly presents:
The one of kind 2012 New Dodge Challenger Limousine For Sale

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Satisfy the Wants, Needs and Desires of Your Clients
with the Help of American Limousine Sales.

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Luxury chauffeured vehicles are the height of opulence, making a statement before the rider even has to say a word. Luxury vehicles are more than just cars. They add style, class and a distinguished flair to the person riding them. A luxury car will always turn heads, whether it is a classic stretch limousine, a modern customised stretch limousine or a party bus.

Luxury vehicles are produced with excellence, from the engineering, to the design and the accessories. The car that one rides in says a lot about them and it is in our interest that the right things are being said. The world of luxury vehicles is vast and diverse, providing a car to cater to every taste and need.

Whether it is luxury town cars or sports cars, sedans or SUVs, there is something that will suit even the most particular buyer. The king of luxury cars is the limousine. In its vintage, classic, modern, stretch and SUV variations, it remains the epitome of class and status in the world of automobiles.

There is nothing more luxurious than riding in a chauffeured vehicle, outfitted with state-of-the-art technology, the finest leather, wood and vinyl finishes on the interior and exterior of the car, and boasting a history of excellence in design, engineering and construction. Many would love to ride in a limousine or have the opportunity to own one.

The question then becomes, where can clients go in order to purchase limousines? Rather than visiting dealerships or going abroad, American Limousine Sales offers a holistic and affordable solution, right here on American soil. Limousines are a status symbol, communicating wealth and power. American Limousine Sales is a luxury car manufacturer, providing custom built limousines, SUV limousines and party buses at affordable prices.

Custom Party Buses For Small Or Large Fleets

American Limousine Sales is a specialist in luxury car building. Started and based in the United States of America, in Los Angeles, California, American Limousine Sales is a company that is wholly dedicated to providing luxury cars at affordable rates and has built its brand on consistent excellence and quality in the manufacturing of limousines.

Every vehicle is constructed using the highest quality materials by a team of skilled expert designers and engineers. A car built by American Limousine Sales is a symbol of the company’s dedication to quality, efficiency and affordability. Besides the manufacture of vehicles at American Limousine Sales, we also purchase used limousines which we make available for sale and provide vehicle customization.

Our clientele includes limousine companies looking to expand their fleets and individuals wanting to become owners of our exclusive product. At American Limousine Sales we make sure that our luxury cars match the distinguished, premier tastes of our clientele.

  • Find New and Used Limos for your Fleet.

  • Do you have a used limo for sale?

  • Need A Limo Made Just For Your Fleet?

  • For Brand New Conversions we are a great contact for you.

  • Custom built vehicles to meet your exact specifications.

  • Consult our representative for information on custom-made vehicles.

  • Worldwide limousines for sale, of Stretched SUV Hummers, Chrysler 300.

  • Excursions, Navigators, GMC Yukon, Escalades, Lexus and Lincoln.

We engender a culture of excellence and affordability that has allowed us to thrive and dominate within the limousine industry. Having proven ourselves for years against our competitors, American Limousine Sales intends to continue leading the race in luxury car construction.

Fairly priced and boasting an impressive selection of limousines, SUV limousines and party buses; we are the client’s one stop-shop for the easiest luxury car purchase experience available. Our job is to make sure our clients’ luxury car needs are met in a way that is efficient and cost effective.

We believe that the fine engineering and design of luxury cars should be shared. Every car is a piece of art; a masterpiece in its design, comfort and functionality. This is the reason why we make our service affordable and easily accessible.

We believe that all our clients deserve to experience luxury vehicles and with us, they have a chance to do so economically. Our clients are spoiled for choice with our offer of limousines, SUV limousines and party buses; new, custom built and used, for purchase and for customisation.

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Trends in the luxury car market show an increase in the popularity of SUV limousines. An SUV limousine, like the stretch Cadillac Escalade or Hummer adds an extra pedigree to an already grand car. Their big and bold look makes quite a statement and for those of our clients in need of big and bold stretch, SUV limousines to match their personas, we have a wide selection in our inventory for them to choose from.

Our inventory is large, featuring quality used limousines for sale. Our limousine dealers are charged with the task of making sure our limousine selection is wide enough to cater to all tastes, whether it is classic stretch limousines or it is a big and bold SUV limousine. All of our vehicles are guaranteed 5-star cars, guaranteeing our clients a 5-star experience.

We believe that the process of purchasing a luxury vehicle should befit the vehicle being purchased. A limousine is a very special kind of purchase. When you purchase a limousine, you purchase a legacy of excellence in engineering, design and luxury.

A limousine is an experience and a symbol of status. A high quality, luxury vehicle should not be haggled over and cheapened by inefficient sales and handling. We ensure that sales, at American Limousine Sales are carried out, professionally and efficiently for the convenience of the client and respect for the product.

Our listings include limousines for sale, both new and used for the client interested in becoming the proud owner of their very own limousine. We recognize the pride and prestige afforded by owning a luxury vehicle and are offering financial support to those intending to purchase new limousines.

Our listings also include a variety of used cars available to lease, allowing as many of our clients the chance to own a limousine as we are able to, through flexible payment options.

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Our inventory does not stop at limousines. The world of luxury vehicles continues to grow, introducing more grand cars to meet a growing demand. Keeping abreast of changing trends, we have recognized an increased demand for party buses and we have adjusted our inventory to meet it.

Just because you have left the party venue, doesn't mean you have to leave the party behind. Party buses keep the party going. Large, luxurious and at the forefront of both entertainment and engineering, a party bus can be an unforgettable experience. They are as grand on the outside as they are on the inside.

These unique luxury cars offer the latest in party entertainment, allowing our clients to elevate their hosting and amplify the party experience. Our party buses are so well equipped that it is easy to forget that they are actually buses. Once again, as with all the products American Limousine Service offers, the choice is yours.

We have a party bus to cater to all our clients different needs. Outfitted with dance floors, flat screen televisions, and laser light fixtures, your party bus can be a club on wheels. Alternatively, party buses fitted with long couches, refrigeration and cup holders can provide a lounge-feel for a more laid back party atmosphere.

Our party buses offer a fashionable and modern way to entertain, combining a unique party experience with an equally unique travel experience. We offer our clients party buses of various sizes, the largest able to hold up to 30 people which are the perfect addition to your event or party.

Custom Party Buses image

As automobile manufacturers, we offer custom built vehicles that clients can request to be built to their specifications. If a stock party bus is not enough, American Limousine Sales has the solution. As per the client’s specifications and given six to eight weeks, we will be able to build them their own custom party bus.

We understand that there are many factors that our clients consider when they come to us for custom vehicles. We invite our clients to give us specifications for their custom designed party bus, providing their event with a unique look and feel that will never be duplicated anywhere. When custom designing a vehicle, the client has control over its appearance, both interior and exterior and its accessories.

Our team of qualified designers and engineers are hired to make our clients’ visions into reality. A limousine is already a lavish vehicle and in its stock form already leaps and bounds ahead of other cars, in terms of quality, comfort and luxury. Adding custom elements to a limousine only elevates the vehicle to new heights of exclusivity.

A luxury vehicle can only be improved by alterations that make it not only luxury, but also unique and completely one-of-a-kind. At American Limousine Sales, we offer a simple and quick way to have your new or used limousine customised. All we need is that the client send us their new or used Chrysler, Dodge, Lincoln, Cadillac, Lexus or other car, including the date of the vehicle’s proper build.

After paying the deposit, we will deliver the customised vehicle after a six to eight week customisation period. We offer a variety of customisation options on both the inside and the outside of the car. The client can choose the vehicle’s exterior paint colour, as well as window tinting and vinyl roofing. Inside the car, the client is provided with a large variety of accessories and furnishings.

The client is invited to choose the colours and materials that they want inside the car. Custom flooring is offered in granite, tile, lighted disco, hardwood or selected carpet. The client can further choose to have installed special effects lighting, audio and video accessories and to have the engine and transmission converted.


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Serving the more particular clientele, we offer custom limousine building. Stock vehicles are good enough to do the job, especially considering the degree of skill and expertise that goes into building limousines, but can sometimes miss the mark in one way or another. Some clients require a custom vehicle built from the ground up.

Realising the challenges that our clients could potentially face when trying to customise their cars to their specific wants and needs, we took it upon ourselves to formulate a solution. Offering an alternative to customisation of stock vehicles, we offer the client the chance to be a part of the construction of their custom limousine, having control over how their limousine looks and feels.

Everything from the exterior paint colour and wheels, to the interior materials, accessories and engine can be built according to client particulars. We go above and beyond to deliver the custom vehicle as per the client’s particular wants. We offer a number of design packages from which the client can choose in order to build the custom limousine of their dreams.

Depending on whether the car being built is a sedan or SUV limousine, we offer flexible and customisable design packages, covering the interior, exterior, accessories and the engine. As with the custom party buses, our team of designers and engineers will work with the client to understand what they want out of their custom limousine, and deliver it.

A customised luxury vehicle not only appeals to your personal tastes in appearance and accessories, but can be a powerful way to enhance your brand and presentation. We offer custom vehicles built from the ground up, so that the custom elements are part of the vehicle and not merely additions put in after the fact.

It is our belief that the process of acquiring luxury vehicles should be easy and painless. We have strived to make our system efficient, quick and easy from beginning to end. Our application process is fast and simple, available in both individual and joint forms. The application form is available online and we begin immediate communication with our clients following submission.

We have a representative available 24 hours every day for direct communication and queries over the telephone. Luxury items come at a cost and luxury cars are no exception. Their price after all is only commensurate with the amount of skill, money, research and expertise that was poured into their manufacture.

We are of the opinion that our clients should be allowed to enjoy luxury without taking too hard of a financial hit. At American Limousine Sales we offer our clientele personalised financing packages that work for you and your personal luxury car needs, no matter the type of purchase.



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